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Germicidal lamp
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Germicidal lamp

UV-C254Lamp (Virus / bacteria inactivation system )

What is the principle of the UVC254 inactivated system?

  • The UVC254 inactivation system inactivates viruses and bacteria with a lamp that emits UV-C ultraviolet rays with a wavelength of 254 nm.
  • UV-C ultraviolet rays are contained in the sun's rays, but do not reach the earth due to the ozone layer. The wavelength and properties of light are completely different from those of ordinary ultraviolet rays, and the effect of decomposing and inactivating virus nuclei has been confirmed. (UV-C ultraviolet rays demonstrated inactivation of the new coronavirus at Miyazaki University.)
  • However, the wavelength range of UV-C ultraviolet rays is defined as 100 nm to 280 nm, and by deeply penetrating into the skin of the human body and deeply into the corneum, IEC62471 [photobiological safety of lamps and lamp systems] Standards] and Japanese JIS safety standards stipulate handling precautions.
  • Until now, UV-C ultraviolet rays have been used mainly for sterilizing products as part of industrial machinery, but due to the spread of virus infection, they have been attracting attention and being used as infection prevention measures.
  • The UVC254 inactivation system is a virus / bacteria inactivation system that gives top priority to safety by completely sealing the light source based on IEC62471 [Standards for photobiological safety of lamps and lamp systems] and Japanese JIS safety standards.

What is the effect of UV-C ?

  • The action of UV-C sterilization line is effective against bacteria, bacteria and viruses, and the effect varies depending on the illuminance and irradiation time of the sterilization line.

  • In a certain university test of UV-C, 99.9% of coronavirus was inactivated in just 30 seconds after irradiation. UV-C: LED was used in the test. Our UVC254 is about 300 times stronger than UV-C: LED lamps and can instantly inactivate coronavirus.

UVC254 verification data

  • ・ Wavelength at peak value: 253.51 nm (nm: nanometer) Emission intensity at peak value: 0.229mw / cm2 Distance 50cm
    (Approximately 300 times that of a normal UVC-LED light: proportional to sterilization ability.)
  • Peak wavelength width: Approximately 1.7 nm (The wavelength of 254 nm is very strong, and there is little fluctuation in the center wavelength, and it emits light stably.) Measurement date: July 17, 2020 Measuring company: Kyokko Tsusho Co., Ltd. Optical test calibration room (the only measurable institution in Japan) Measurement content: Spectral data (Emission intensity, emission wavelength) Test method: Measuring distance 50 cm

UVC254 air conditioning duct type specifications

Product name: SVI-UVC254 or OZONE-250Wor120W

Power supply: ①250W: AC100V~AC220V 50/60Hz

 ②80W: AC100V~AC220V 50/60Hz

Lamp size: :①W200mm D340mm H90mm

 ②W170mm D111mm H90mm

Fixture size: :①250w: 483*415*234mm Approx. 4kg

 ②120w: 380*260*210 mm Approx. 3kg

Lifespan:50,000 hours, 3-year warranty

Others: Installation work and power supply work are required separately

UVC254 Jet fan (wall/ceiling mount type) specifications

Product nameUVC254 jet fan

Power supply: 120W: AC100V-AC220V 50/60Hz

Lamp size:W200mm D340mm H90mm

Body size:200*500*200mm, approx. 4kg

Life:50,000 hours, 3-year warranty

Others:Installation work and power supply work are required separately

UVC254 duct type performance
UVC254 lamp inactivation system and air volume

  • The width of the air conditioning and air purifier duct does not affect the inactivation rate.
  • When the lamp width is 300 mm and the UV-C influence range is 300+300 mm, the influence width is 600 mm. For example, when the wind speed is 8 m/sec. The time to pass the UV influence range is 1.25 seconds and UV will continue to be exposed during this time. Inactivates bacteria.

UV-C comparison table
UVC254 lamp inactivated system and air volume

UV-C electrodeless lamp safety and security

  • It has been confirmed that UV-C (ultraviolet rays) is effective in inactivating bacteria and viruses in the air and attached.
  • However, if the human body is directly exposed to UV-C germicidal rays, or if direct light enters the eyes, it has strong penetrability to the skin and cornea and lacks safety.
  • UV-C germicidal rays do not meet JIS standards such as safety in a device that irradiates in a manned area (directly exposes human body to UV-C light).
  • Our company considers safety and security for the human body to be the first priority, and establishes safety handling programs that are consistent from construction to use as safety programs, and provides them with safety and security by educating and thoroughly implementing them. Doing.
  • In particular, our UVC series does not allow the customer to directly touch the equipment.
    We provide 100% safety and security based on IEC62471 [Standard for photobiological safety of lamps and lamp systems] and JIS safety standards of Japan.