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Germicidal lamp
Nanatsubaki Inc.


Product specifications

Product name : SVI-UVC-254+OZONE-120/250W


Lamp consumptionSmall: 120W Large: 250W

Lamp wavelengthUV-C ultraviolet rays 254 nm (peak wavelength 254 nm)

Lamp Size120W: 132mm x 217mm x 84mm

 250W: 180mm x 340mm x 105mm

Lamp Weight120W: 0.4kg

 250W: 0.8kg

Lamp MaterialElectrodeless lamp

 Special quartz glass

Lamp Life50,000 hours

Lamp Llluminance0.229mw / ? (measurement of 50cm from the lamp)


① Air sensorAutomatic sterilization when the air conditioner / air conditioner is operated